The Sierra Club of BC, RAVEN, and BC-Yukon Kairos Canada combine their efforts to host five speakers with intimate knowledge of the proposed construction of a mega-dam on the Peace River, flooding many acres of valuable farmland as well as indigenous hunting and sacred sites.

"Future of Farmland and the ALR in BC" featuring speakers Richard Bullock, former ALC Chair and Harold Steves 'Father of the ALR' was presented by Farmland Protection Coalition in Victoria, BC on Oct. 29, 2015 The former chair of the BC Agricultural Land Commission, Richard Bullock, describes his experience in government. Harold Steves and Sig Peterson add to the discussion by describing the beginnings of the ALR and the current state of affairs.

Ed Johnson traveled to Wildwood in the summer of 2010 to find out why The Land Conservancy, Ecoforestry Institute, and Merv were not getting along as originally hoped.  Merv's candid observation is observed.  Because of the current financial difficulties of the TLC, Wildwood is again facing an uncertain future.


Stephane Dion, MP, proposes election reform in Canada at the 2012 National Green Party Convention.

Author and researcher Alan Cassels warns about the lack of information surrounding health care choices. Using the Cochrane Collaboration as a source for unbiased information, Alan explores the pitfalls of modern medicine.

A panel discussion between Mr. Wright and attendees of the National Green Party of Canada convention August 2012 after viewing "Surviving Progress" a movie inspired by his book.  He is hosted by Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament.

Author Nicola Temple exposes corporate deception in the food we eat. "Food Fraud" exists in all classes of food: herbs, vegetables, meat, fish, and poultry - even phony eggs! This marketing scam mainly affects those on restricted incomes who have no choice but to purchase what they can afford.